Signing of the Partnership Agreement with Whittier Elementary Principal.

St. Luke’s is involved in a variety of partnerships. Some of these happen through the Greater Milwaukee Synod. We are proud to be engaged in synodical and churchwide ministries within the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). We expect our pastors to be involved in our Waukesha Cluster of our Greater Milwaukee Synod and to find ways to engage in our ministries through our Synod. The use of the word “our” in the previous sentence helps frame an understanding of how we are partnered with the larger church: the synod and the ELCA are not separate organizations. The Greater Milwaukee Synod is “us.” The ELCA is not “other.” It is us. We are Church together.

Our Senior Pastor serves on the Synod Council and is a part of the planning team for the 2019 Synod Assembly. He is a co-chair of the Local Arrangements Committee for the 2019 Churchwide Assembly, which is gathering in Milwaukee in August 2019. He also participates in cluster gatherings. We include synodical and churchwide ministries in the weekly prayers of intercession. We also encourage staff members to be involved in synodical ministries.

We are developing a relationship with five parishes in the Meru Diocese of the Tanzanian Lutheran Church. We work with another ELCA Congregation in Waukesha in this partnership. In 2018, a delegation traveled to the diocese to visit them. We welcomed to St. Luke’s people from Tanzania in October 2019.

Other important relationships exist beyond our ELCA partnerships: We are partners with The Women’s Center (a shelter for women and children), The Hope Center (food and clothing for those living in poverty), Healing Hearts (working with grieving families), Whittier Elementary (providing financial resources, volunteer tutors and support), Downtown Clergy Association (interfaith group focusing on community well-being and homelessness), Twelve-Step Programs (two Alcoholics Anonymous groups, Alanon, Narcotics Anonymous), Waukesha MS Self-Help Group, and more…