Germany 2024

A learning tour led by Pastors Lindsay and Kimberly Jordan for the people and friends of St. Luke’s and Church of the Resurrection, focused on Reformation History in the land of Martin Luther: Castles, Breathtaking Scenery, History, Wine Country, A Cruise on the Rhine River, the 16th Century, Checkpoint Charlie, The Berlin Wall, Cathedrals, Museums, and a whole lot more!

Above: The Rathaus in Munich’s Marienplatz; Across the River from The Reichstag in Berlin, Martin Luther, Pastor Kim and Katie Luther; Standing in the Castle Church of Wittenburg, and the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.

Learning Through Travel: Discovering Together

Autumn in Germany is beautiful! The rich history of the Lutheran Reformation comes alive for curious minds traveling in the cooler air of September. In Germany, we’ll travel in a comfortable bus to the many sites of this fantastic tour, even stepping into France and Switzerland.

The Pastors Jordan are working with tour guides to help us experience and appreciate sites of interest related to the historical figures such as: Martin Luther, Johann S. Bach, Philip Melanchthon, Johanne Wolfgang von Goethe, Ludwig Beethoven, Johannes Gutenberg, and more.

Our travels will take us to: Berlin, Wittenburg, Eisleben, Leipzig, Dresden, Erfurt, Weimar, Eisenach, Mainz, Rudesheim, Heidelberg, Strasbourg, France, Rheinfall, Switzerland, Lake Bodensee, the Bavarian Alps, Munich and more.

Experience the comfort of four-star hotels, while enjoying the company of the group. Breakfasts and dinners are part of the package. Headphone systems ensure that guides can be heard well.

The Official Brochure: All the Information

All the information is laid out in the official travel brochure. They are available at St. Luke’s Lutheran and Church of the Resurrection. We can also send it to you by email. Call your church office to get one, or download it from the link below:

Trip Brochure

For Information

Contact one of the Pastors Jordan for answers to your questions.

To Register

Registration is handled by Imagine Tours and Travel out of Lakeland, Florida. The Pastors Jordan have traveled with them in the past and have found them to be a top-notch provider.

To register, go to the following website:

When prompted to enter a tour code, use: LJordan24