What to Expect in Worship

Visiting a congregation isn’t easy for all folks. With that in mind, we put together a short guide to help you know what you can expect when you visit St. Luke’s.

  • You’ll see people wearing a variety of clothes. Some dress up. Others wear jeans and tshirts. All are welcome. There’s no dress code. You might even see a pastor wearing a sports jersey.
  • You’ll (mostly) experience liturgical Lutheran worship services. This means our pastors are often dressed in robes and much of the words used in worship comes from prepared materials in the congregation’s hymnal. Our worship services are usually fairly predictable, but the music, prayers, scriptures, and more are tailored for each particular day. Sometimes we have baptisms.
  • You’ll be welcomed to the Table of Holy Communion. No matter who you are or where you come from, you’ll be invited to Christ’s meal, regardless of your church affiliation.
  • Your kids will be welcomed. We love children and their families. We love them so much that we have a “Prayer Ground” for them in the front of the sanctuary. It’s a place to color, look at books, and relax – on a carpeted floor where they can see everything up close. There’s even seating for parents along the edges.
  • You’ll be sitting among flawed people. While we recognize that God forgives and makes us saints. We also remember – and openly confess – that we are still in bondage to sin. In other words, Lutherans are bad at math. We say we’re 100% Saint and 100% Sinner. We’re flawed people whom God loves!
  • You will not be singled out as a visitor. Nobody will make you stand up and wave and share your story. Perhaps our pastors will see that you’re new, but they’re pretty new themselves, so maybe not. Feel free to introduce yourselves.
  • We welcome visitors to be part of God’s mission through St. Luke’s.