Pastor Search

The search for an associate Pastor is underway. The call committee and Pastor Jordan are working with the synod office to find candidates and interview them for the open position.

Latest News

  • December 8: Congregational Meeting called for the purpose of issuing a call to the candidate selected by the call committee.
  • October and November: the call committee conducted interviews with potential candidates.
  • September: the call committee will meet with Pastor Nielsen of the Synod Office to formally receive names for interview.
  • Pastor Jordan has been making first contacts with potential candidates provided by the synod office.
  • August: the Call Committee met to refine its interview process, based on what it learned in its mock interview.
  • July 30: The Call Committee met and held a “mock interview” with a local pastor. This was a time to test the questions designed by the team and to think through hospitality issues related to interviewing.
  • July 23: The Call Committee met to prepare interview questions and to plan the process for receiving candidates for interview.
  • July 16: The Church Council voted to instruct the call committee to interview all capable candidates regardless of their age, gender, sexual orientation or race. This is in keeping with the decision made by the council in 2018 when receiving potential candidates for the Senior Pastor position.
  • July 2: The Call Committee met with Pastor Jennifer Arnold, of the Greater Milwaukee Synod, for Call Committee Orientation. Pastor Arnold led the committee through the call process and gave directions about interview processes.
  • June 26: Bishop Paul Erickson and Pastor Kristin Nielsen, of the Greater Milwaukee Synod, met with the congregation in a Town Hall Meeting for those in the congregation who wished to attend. The Ministry Site Profile was discussed in depth and the process for