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Confirmed participants: We are gathering a little more information from each participant. Please complete the participant form and make the appropriate final payment.

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Traveling in vans with lodging in Nashville both ways – $350
Traveling on own, wish lodging in Nashville one way – $310
Traveling on own, do not need lodging in Nashville – $270

November 27 Note: This trip is nearing capacity. All registrations received after today will be received provisionally, based on availability.

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The Need
October 2018, hurricane Michael hit the Florida Panhandle with all the fury a category 5 storm can throw. Homes continue to be in need of repair. People experienced flooding, devastating winds, and tremendous loss. It will take many years for families to recover from the wide-spread disaster brought about by Michael. Recovery is slow and underway: Homes are being gutted and rehabbed.

We intend for this year’s trip to focus on helping folks people in the Panama City Area. We’re inviting people to put on a servant’s heart and know that God will use us to change lives, on the dates listed above. The Holy Spirit will empower us to bring new life to people now suffering. This location is a bit tentative, as we are still working with partners to pull everything together. The dates, however, are not tentative.

ELCA Congregations from the area are working together to help people recover from hurricane Michael. Leadership for the trip is provided by Pastor Lindsay Jordan of St. Luke’s Lutheran Church in Waukesha, Pastor Larry Harpster of Dr. Martin Luther of Oconomowoc, Pastor Greg Van Dunk of Atonement in Muskego, and Jean Nelson of All Saints in Wales. People from additional local churches are invited. In the past, these churches have included Christ the King in Delafield, Resurrection in Pewaukee, and more. Participants need not be members of these churches, or even be Lutheran. They need to be servants who are 18 or older. Our goal is to extend the life of Christ through meaningful service to neighbors in need.

The Mission of the Trip
This trip is about serving the neighbor in need. We will be cleaning up and rebuilding homes. There will be a variety of needs presented to us. People with all levels of technical ability will find meaningful work. Some may be put to work cleaning. Others may spend the week drywalling or working with electrical and plumbing. Some people may be encouraged to do “front porch” ministries – visiting with people we are helping. We may be working with Habitat for Humanity, possibly even helping in the Habitat ReStore. We will not know what is needed until we are on the ground. We go as servants carrying new life to God’s people.

Information and How to Register
Registration is an online process. on this page you can register and make your $100 registration deposit. There will an informational meeting at St. Luke’s Lutheran in Waukesha, Tuesday, November 12 at 6:30 p.m. We expect to have room for 45-50 people. Our trips are popular service experiences, so sign up early to be sure you are included. Final Payments will be due January 14, 2020.

We will travel in 15 passenger vans, leaving in the early morning, Saturday, February 1. We anticipate staying in a hotel the first night of our trip, before traveling on to our final destination the following day. Our return trip will leave our area of service on Saturday, February 8 and return home on Sunday, February 9. Organizers of this trip have a special arrangement with a local provider of rental vehicles, making this option the most practical option for travel arrangements, given the need to have transportation while at our site. Those who wish to find alternative means to get to and from our work site, are welcome to do so. However, costs for midweek use of the vans will still be shared by those who do not ride down or back in them. More about self-travel and costs to be shared at information mtg.

On the way to and from our trip, we will stay in (shared, double occupancy) hotel rooms. While serving, we will stay at a retreat center on the coast.

The costs of the trip are anticipated to be about $400 to $450 per person. Fees paid will cover transportation and lodging, food while at our work site, and programmatic expenses. Participants will need to cover food on the road and any other personal incidentals that arise on the trip.

Trips such as this rely on generous donations from many people. Invite your congregation into meaningful participation in this trip by financially supporting the trip in general. Donations that are most easily used are cash donations. Home Depot cards can also be used. Consider ways you can invite your faith community into the trip even if they are not able to participate in person.

Volunteer Meetings: Two Events
There will be two meetings for volunteers to attend. The first is a general kickoff event at which we’ll talk about the trip and share general information. The kickoff meeting is a perfect event for anybody who intends to travel on the trip or who might want to know more before signing up. The second meeting will be an informational meeting for participants at which final instructions and insights will be covered.
— Kickoff Meeting: Tuesday, November 12, 2019, 6:30 p.m. at St. Luke’s Lutheran Church, Waukesha
— Participant Meeting: Tuesday, January 14, 6:30 p.m. at St. Luke’s Lutheran Church, Waukesha

*St. Luke’s Lutheran Church holds and distributes funds on behalf of this ministry, based on the direction of the mission trip’s leadership team. The generosity of many may (and usually has) allowed this trip to operate with a surplus remaining at the end of the trip. Surplus funds are held and/or distributed by St. Luke’s at the direction of the mission trip leadership team. The following commitments may guide such decisions: 1) using excess funds to support missional ministries consistent with the trip’s vision; 2) equipping future trips with materials, tools, or other support as needed; 3) maintaining a cushion from year to year to provide seed money and to protect against a year when income doesn’t cover all costs; 3) to provide seed money for the next trip; 4) providing scholarships for those who want to serve but find the cost prohibitive; and/or 5) other as deemed appropriate by trip leadership. Surpluses will not be returned to participants or participating churches.